We ensure that our customers receive high quality and professional services and services. Our mission – the best technical and technological solutions with individual approach to the customer.

Our aspirations and goals:

  • work in compliance with state requirements and actively apply the provisions of the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015;
  • involve only real professionals who constantly increase their level of knowledge and competence;
  • to create comfortable conditions of stay in the office and on objects;
  • apply the latest technologies and equipment in their work;
  • to constantly improve and improve for the benefit of customers – all counterparties and society as a whole.

We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • improvement of equipment in accordance with the latest achievements of technical science and practice
  • certification and continuous improvement of professional level of each employee, which guarantees the quality and professional service of our customers – contractors and the effective work of all structural units;
  • development and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • involving all staff in the process of improving the quality management system with a clear separation of powers and responsibilities in the field of quality;
  • quality planning based on commitments and available resources;
  • periodic review of the quality management system to determine its suitability and effectiveness and to develop and implement corrective actions.

Management is aware that maximum work can only be obtained from staff who are satisfied with working conditions. That is why the management creates the conditions for the maximum realization of the abilities of each employee and the team as a whole at the expense of:

  • organization of comfortable working and rest conditions;
  • motivation and support systems;
  • maintaining the initiative, creativity and innovation of their employees.

Quality policy imposes on each employee the following responsibilities:

  • knowledge of and control over the policies and objectives in their work;
  • creation of necessary conditions for efficient and quality work;
  • provision of works with necessary material resources (within the scope of duties);
  • fulfillment of requirements of external and internal regulatory documentation;
  • observance of work discipline and safety at the facilities;
  • identify initiatives to address the reasons that impede the provision of high quality services.

This Quality Policy is aimed at:

  • teaming up of employees to accomplish the tasks of achieving high quality services;
  • ensuring continuous improvement of the performance of the quality management system.

The management of ISTAGROUP LLC declares its commitment to high quality of the rendered services, confirms its determination to lead the process of continuous improvement of the activity of our enterprise and encourages every employee, regardless of his position, to contribute to solving the tasks.