Transport security

– integrated intelligent system for control and monitoring of airport security, train and river-boat stations, sea ports, main traffic arteries and combined hubs with main decision making situation centre.

With the development of information space (mass media, social networks), thanks to which public attitudes are being formed or even thrusted, any extraordinary transport situation is being described as a priority event, and security in transport sphere is considered to be a separate service, has its own value, and its value is not lower then that of transport accuracy and service comfort.

Effective traffic security (railway-, vehicle-, sea-, air-), other infrastructure-vulnerable sites, life and health of the passengers and transport infrastructure staff is provided for the cost of:


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intelligent video surveillance and authorized access control for the transport infrastructure sites with the pre-set limitation levels
complex control of fire protection condition and non-stop security of valuable property with the compulsive automatic implementation of alarm system, fire protection system and other scenarios of reacting to emergency situations, eliminating and minimizing the consequences

Railway security

Wagon number plate recognition module

is dedicated for:

  • tanker and wagon number plate identification;
  • evaluation of liquid level in the tankers by combining surfaces temperature level;
  • comparison of actual traffic route of the wagons and tankers with the actual script.

Satellite GPS navigation module

will ensure:

  • global monitoring of movable assets;
  • arrangement of delivering and loading-unloading processes of the movable assets;
  • cutting time for empty wagons returning;
  • elimination of the factor of energy resources unreasonable expanses and its plundering.

Infrared thermography module

The usage of thermal images from Flir will be an advantage on any environmental conditions:

  •  early reporting of the train driver and/or operator about the traffic of the foreign objects along the railways and crossings;
  • decrease of theft quantity be means of recording of liquid filling level, dripped gas or other substances;
  • status monitoring of heating alarm and power mains (thermal analysis of wires for the purpose of their possible overheating, power loss, sagging with the further wrapping of the wagon pantograph and blocking the train).

Security of the airports, train stations, bus stations and passenger terminals

Functional video analytics module

will ensure:

  •  intelligent monitoring of the passenger flow volume, allocation by the quantity of the entrances and exits, ticket books along the platform, etc., which will allow to estimate the working capacity of the transport (multimodal) hubs during the rush-hours load;
  • recording and movement control of the people, transport in the limited access areas;
  • detection in the passenger flow with the implementation of multifunctional face recognition system (with the help of additional information from police officer) of the people that are wanted for hard offense or terrorists, etc.;
  • video control for the «origin of the site» – detection of the left items from the moment of its appearance in the frame.

Perimeter security module

using thermal imagers “FLIR” gives the following advantages:

  • early detection and recording of physical activity of the penetrator on the boarder of the security zone (perimeter);
  • absence of the «dead» zones, when there is no artificial and natural lighting;
  • hidden installation without building up engineered security system.