Engineering service line security

– unified intelligent system of manual supervision and automatization of buildings activities operation procedures.


Leading experts are claiming that the Universe is on the threshold of the “Fourth industrial revolution”, and some of them think that it has already begun. More than likely that both of them are right and it doesn’t matter how the experts designate up-to-date concept «Smart environment”: or the German version – «Industry 4.0» («Industrie 4.0»), or Internet of Things in the USA. However every year new type of technical equipment appears, where the boarder between processing and digital characteristic disappears.

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Engineering service line security

CentraLine by Honeywell

Therefore, we offer to use the opportunity of the “future, that started yesterday” with the help of the system «CentraLine by Honeywell» and to implement module solutions, that are necessary for Your security of the house:

  • manual supervision of the engineering service lines (heating, inflow exhaust ventilation, conditioning, illumination, elevators) with possibility to control them via mobile application and intelligent combination with security and fire protection systems;
  • regional regulation – automatic optimization of the comfort parameters including the premises with people;
  • integration of “regional regulation” with the booking system for hotel business or with multilevel climate system for museums and exhibition centres;
  • monitoring condition status of observing sanitary standards in the kitchen and in the food outlet, control over the ovens, refrigerators, kitchen hoods and other equipment in the service business;
  • electronic accounting journal of the variables – air temperature, heating, humidity level etc. with the guaranteed decrease of expanses for energy consumption from 30%;
  • controlling digital information board in case of emergency;
  • sending E-mails and SMS-messages with the signals “alarm” to the corresponding managers of engineering, service and intruder detection system;
  • usage of “cloud service” to store events register.