Business security

– unified intelligent monitoring and control security system for the trade centers, banks, gas stations, service industry institutions, agro industrial and manufacturing complexes aimed for corporate security of the company from financial losses.

We are offering to start not an easy process of searching and choosing high-quality security system from the analysis of existing options of technical solutions and their viability particularly for Your business.

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Business security

Intelligent video analytics module

will allow:

  • monitoring the number of clients, visitors/customers for work efficiency estimation of the personnel (managers, waitresses, salesmen/ cashiers) and regulation of the people quantity, working in shifts, their schedule and etc.;
  • determination of a real time for the first and the last visit of the customer/client of Your institution;
  • sales conversion analysis – recording transformation percent from the visitor into a customer;
  • determining the “portrait of the consumer” – gender, age, status for planning advertising companies, focused on the certain target audience;
  • checking efficiency of the advertising and marketing events held, and, as an option, getting additional arguments for increasing/decreasing rent charge for the provided premises;
  • warning and recording possible criminal structure (looting and fraud) from the side of the company personnel and/or visitors;
  • determining amongst the visitors, with the help of the multifunctional system of face recognition (using additional information from police officers) of the people who are wanted for hard offense, terrorists, etc.;
  • video control for the «origin of the site» – detection of the left items from the moment of its appearance in the frame.

Access control system

For providing security to the enterprise, access control system, as a rule, is being built using electronical identifier (proximity card, breloque, clip) for each employee or by initiation biometric readers, that identify personnel by the eye retina, fingerprint or voice signal). Apart from the base functional of complete or differentiated access limitation in defined premises/territories, upon condition of combination with special software:

  • time-keeping and building-up working discipline among the staff members;
  • intelligent integration of access control system with fire protection and alarm systems;
  • determining localization of the personnel and /or transport on the territory of the big enterprises with rugged relief and harmful/dangerous manufacture factors, that will make search and rescue actions in emergency situation a lot easier;
  • violation of work safety rules and fire safety recording – absence on briefings, work performance without individual means of protection etc.;
  • flowlane and transport average speed monitoring of the vehicles that are moving on the territory of the enterprise for logistics optimization;
  • express alco testing of the personnel with automatic prohibition of driving transport facilities and / or blocking the entrance to the territory of the enterprise for the labour discipline perpetrators;
  • accessory kit of the assets expenditure records, outgiving material values to the personnel etc.

Module of perimeter alarm security system

gives the following advantages:

  •  early detection and recording of physical activity of the penetrator on the boarder of the security zone (perimeter);
  • absence of the «dead» zone;
  •  hidden installation without building up engineered security system with the usage of :
    • radio-wave annunciators, in between of which the electromagnetic field is being created;
    • infrared annunciators in between of which there is an infrared emission;
    • vibration annunciators, that record the increase of vibration level of special “way” of intrusion.