Security city

– is an integrated intelligent system of monitoring and control of the city safety, which regulates different aspects of its daily living activities: public order maintenance, transport infrastructure control, emergencies prevention and fast response, etc.

In the present time, safety and security arrangements in the city are not the standalone duty of the law-enforcement agency. Security issue for the enterprise and business, office and home, public property and transport is interesting not only for representatives of governmental and local authorities, but also for heads of enterprises and public organisations, and society at large.

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Ground transportation

Number plate recognition module

is designed for administrative violation recording:

  • over speeding;
  • commercial freight transport entering prohibited areas of the city;
  • driving at the bus lane;
  • incorrect parking , that is blocking the traffic.

Module of satellite GPS navigation

for the public transport critical incident response service will provide:

  • smart exploitation of traffic environment (observing the interval in following passenger traffic, optimization of its quantity in rush hours, incident response vehicles’ effective allocation), as a result, decrease of maintenance self-cost;
  • effective work coordination of the road-cleaning equipment in the period of bad weather conditions;
  • exclusion of the factor of unreasonable utility use and its plundering.

Functional analytics module

will make the following possible:

  • intelligent monitoring of the passenger flow value in the pre-set areas, with analytic component of transport hubs’ and highway efficiency during peak traffic;
  • recording and movement control of the people, transport in the limited access areas;
  • designation of criminals, terrorists, etc. wanted for hard offence, in the passenger flow, with the usage of multifunctional face recognition system (with the additional information from police officers) ;
  • video control by the “origin of the subject” – finding left items from the moment of its’ emerging in picture.

security for premises

Module security system in educational establishments

Module security system in educational, sports, arts and higher educational establishments will provide additional advantages:

For authority of the agency – attendance dynamic and archive events analytics, informing parents via SMS (E-mail) messages about the time of parents’ meetings, time frames for additional classes or other planned activities with the participation of the child.

For the parents – real time SMS-infroming on the cell phone about the arrival/departure time of the child or his/her location outside educational establishment, about successes in studies.

Social meaning – global usage of proximity card (student ID card) as a paying method in the canteen, public transport, for receiving scholarship, etc.

Wireless security and fire protection module system

for museums, temples, architectural memorials or other buildings where it is not possible to lay the cable and conduct complex assembly work, not destroying the décor.

«Honeywell Security Group» equipment combines the advantages of wireless alarm system with high reliability level, which are: system deployment efficiency and flexibility of using the system on the background of minimization of false alarm operation. Wireless receivers work by the principle of dual-sided radio modem with data encryption for making any interference of the external factors in their work not possible. At that, with the installed security system it is possible to make remote control, with the help of mobile application for  iOS і Android «Honeywell GX Remote Control».